YETI Coolers Guide to Deer Decoying

Published: 02nd March 2010
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White-tailed deer decoys can improve your hunting trip in several ways and increase the overall chances of bagging yourself a trophy buck. Having a deer decoy in the right place complements any deer calling, grunting, or rattling techniques you already utilize in your hunting strategies. As a buck or doe approach your field, a deer decoy gives the deer something to focus on rather than being confused, frightened, and disoriented by an unattributed deer call. It is important that you understand the proper way to use a deer decoy, for just as much as it can help attract more deer, if not properly set up, the decoy can also drive them away. Read on for YETI Coolers guide to deer decoying.

Where and how you set up your deer decoy will determine how successful you are, and which sex and size deer will respond to the decoy. Here are 10 tips for proper hunting with a deer decoy:

1.Safety Tip - Use a decoy with blaze orange, hang fluorescent tape nearby, or hunt from an elevated stand.

2.Keep the decoy free of any human or unnatural scents. Wear gloves when transporting and positioning the decoy, then use your choice of deer scent spray or cover-up.

3.Position your decoy in a high traffic area - near trails, rubs, scrapes, bedding, staging or feeding areas with nearby cover are highly recommended. Do NOT place bedded decoys directly on any trails. Deer don't normally bed on trails.

4.Position decoys within your personal shooting distance in a clear shooting lane. Position decoys upwind of where you anticipate deer to appear. Bucks approach downwind from cover, if they can.

5.Position a doe decoy with its rump facing your position. Bucks will often approach does from the rear or side, presenting you with a clear shot.

6.Position a buck decoy with its head facing your position. Bucks general approach another buck cautiously from the front, presenting you with a clear shot at a trophy.

7.Do NOT position a decoy in a direct line between your position and where you expect the deer to approach because you run the risk of being seen. Position the decoy off to the side of your stand in order to distract the deer's attention.

8.To gain the buck's attention on the decoy, tape a small piece of white plastic to the area of the tail, allowing it to blow in the wind; Or you can use a tail motion decoy.

9.Place a few drops of deer urine on the decoy to maintain the buck's focus on the decoy. Use doe in estrous for doe decoys and buck in rut for buck decoys.

10. Use buck or doe scents, and calling or rattling to create the illusion of another deer in the area, and to initially attract bucks to your decoy.

Hunting deer with a decoy, much like all aspects of hunting, takes practice to perfect. Once you have it down, the adventure will only get more successful. When you are preparing for a hunting trip, don't forget to properly pack yourself all the amenities. YETI Coolers, a manufacturer specializing in the best ice chests and coolers available, received the North American Hunting Club Member Tested & Recommended Seal of Approval for its 65 Quart Tan YETI Tundra cooler.

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